We have been growing olive trees for decades, we produce a superior quality Oil, Extra-Virgin and D.O.P

Our company has been involved in the extra virgin olive oil production for more than 30 years, with the specific intent to produce a natural product, preserving all the organoleptic characteristics and vitamins of a food that has always been considered beneficial to the health of its consumers. The variety of olives used (Canino, Leccino and Frantoio) give our olive oil a soft and fruity taste.

All olives are harvested by hand in the period between October and November, when the fruit is changing its color from green to black: this allows to obtain an extremely low level of acidity.

The Tuscanese Agricultural Company is located a few kilometers from the ancient Estruscan-Roma city of Tuscana (now Tuscania), exactly in the heart of TUSCIA.

The territory of Tuscia has ancient origins and historically indicated a vast territory divided into 3 districts: the Roman Tuscia, which today coincides with the province of Rome north, the ducal Tuscia, subject to the then Duchy of Spoleto and finally the Lombard Tuscia, coinciding with today’s Tuscan region. Today Tuscia is identified with the province of Viterbo.

The term derives from the Latin Tuscia, so the territory inhabited by the Tusci, so the Etruscans.

The first Etruscan cultural manifestations date back to the end of the IX Century B.C. Already at those times, as many archeological finds prove, olive oil was a fundamental element in the life and health of this ancient people.