Tuscia Extra-Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P Quality

The entire cycle of production, processing and elaboration must take place in the defined geographical area. The intrinsic characteristics of D.O.P (Protected Designation of Origin) products depend, totally or in part, on the territory of production, meaning not only the environment with its climatic and pedological elements, but also with its historical-economic, social and cultural factors

Organoleptic and Chemical Analysis


The organoleptic analysis (panel test) of olive oil has a relevant importance in the judgement of the final quality of the product in order to detect if the oil that has appropriate chemical and organoleptic qualities to be considered extra-virgin and, in our case, also D.O.P, since an oil that is not organoleptically accepted is downgraded.

Analyses are carried out either at the laboratories of the Chamber of Commerce and other bodies, or, if the oil producer trades large quantities, in commissions within the company itself. The commissions are made up of a panel head and from a minimum of eight to a maximum of twelve tasters. In order to minimize errors, the tasting is done in separate booths in order not to influence the taster’s judgement. At the end of the tasting, the head of the panel will be in charge of making an average between the marks given by the various tasters by discarding the ones which are excessively incongruent with the others.

The oil has an emerald green color with golden hues. The smell is fruity and recalls a heathy and fresh fruit, harvested at the optimal point of ripeness. The taste is medium fruity with a balanced bitter and spicy aftertaste (see organoleptic analysis in attachment).

Acidity indicated the percentage of oleic acid in an oil and is the main indicator of quality. The lower its value, the better the quality of the product. Acidity cannot be found in the taste of the oil but can be defined only by laboratory analysis. It should not be confused with the slight tingling which is instead an indication of low acidity and recent pressing of the olives.

The Tuscanese D.O.P extra-virgin olive oil has an acidity of o.2% as can be verified by the chemical analysis attached. Therefore, our oil has a very high quality, considering that extra virgin olive oil acidity standards require an acidity level below 0.8% and that the D.O.P extra virgin olive oil acidity level has to be below 0.5%.