Terms of sale

General terms of sale

The following general conditions regulate the sale of the “Azienda Agricola Tuscanese” products, sold through the e-commerce website.

1. Applicable legislation

Online stipulated contracts between the company and the customer through the company website are governed by Italian law. For all that is not expressly provided herein, the applicable rules of law apply. The reference legislation is the D. Lgs. 6/9/2005 n.206 ( Codice del Consumo ).

2. General conditions of sale

The purchase contracts concluded through this website are governed by the General Conditions of Sale illustrated below, which form an integral and substantial part of it.

3. Customer purchase orders and their acceptance by the company

Customer purchase orders must be drawn up in written form and electronically sent in the forms and terms indicated by the selling company on the website. For the purchases to be considered correct and accepted, they must be complete in every part of them.
The automatic response that the customer receives after sending his purchase proposal is to be intended only as confirmation of receipt of the aforementioned communication by the company.
The company reserves the right to accept the purchase order, which will be expressed only in written form, no later than seven days from its receipt by the same channel of communication which it was received.
If the order placed by the customer could be accepted by the company only in part, the latter, informed of the circumstance in the terms mentioned above, may alternatively either arrange the revocation of the order or limit it to the quantity available.
It is understood that the delivery of products purchased by the customer, without prejudice to the irrevocability of the same at the moment in which the company has formally accepted it, can be processed by the company only after the customer has made the expected product payment, according to one of the methods indicated on the website.

4. Product and shipping prices

The sale prices expressed on the website are all, none excluded, inclusive of VAT. The cost of shipping will be explained at the time of acceptance of the order, in relation to the quantities ordered and the destination of the product.

5. Product delivery

Once the company has received the payment of the purchased products, it will send them by courier service, in the terms and to the address agreed with the customer. In case of absence of the recipient at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a notice and the customer must contact either the courier or the company as soon as possible in order to arrange a new delivery. The courier delivers the goods to the street level; it must therefore be care of the customer to take in charge the goods. No responsibility can be attributed to Azienda Agricola Tuscanese in case of delay or non-delivery due to force majeure or accidental circumstances.

6. Customers right of withdrawal

The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal within ten working days from the receipt of the goods ordered if it is considered, for serious and justified reasons, not satisfied with the purchase made.
In this case the withdrawing customer will have to communicate his will at first by email to be followed by a registered letter with the same contents of the previous email communication, enclosing to the same registered letter a copy of the physical document of purchase and indicating the bank details necessary for the return of the due amount.
The withdrawing customer must undertake, at his own expenses, the immediate return of all products already received. The receding customer will be responsible for all expenses related to the return, at the legal headquarters of Azienda Agricola Tuscanese, of all the goods previously received and which he intends to return. These goods must be returned to the Azienda Agricola Tuscanese perfectly intact and packed, otherwise they will not be accepted.
The return of the amount owed to the customer as a result of his withdrawal will be made by the company by bank transfer only after the complete return of the goods. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised due to non-delivery of products due to the absence of the customer at the address specified in the order form.

7. Express acceptance of the contractual clauses

With the subscription of the contract concluded with the Azienda Agricola Tuscanese, according to the articles 1341 and following of the Civil Code, the purchaser expressly accepts all conditions contained in the in it as General Sale Conditions. This acceptance will be made by the customer through the express acceptance of a double indicator or flag placed at the end of the order. This acceptance will be worth as double subscription of the clauses contained therein.