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D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and exclusively by mechanical means. Cold extracted. Varieties of olives used: leccino, canino and frantoio.

The oil is emerald green in color with golden hues.

The smell is fruity, reminiscent of healthy fruit, fresh, harvested at the optimum point of maturation.

The taste is medium fruity with a balanced bitter and spicy aftertaste.

The acidity is very low, 0.2%, the main indicator of the high quality of the product.

Average values for 100 g of oil:

Energy value 823.48 KCAL
3445,99 KJ
Fat 91,51 g
Of which saturated fatty acids 13,25 g
Carbohydrates 0
Protein 0
Salt 0

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